Mission Statement
Our vision, our values, our commitment to outstanding sales and service for every customer, our diversified business model, our relationship strategy, our belief in people as a competitive advantage, our goal of consistent, sustainable revenue growth — none of that has changed. In fact, our unchanging vision and values and our time-tested business model are, more than ever, a competitive advantage as our industry evolves and consolidates.

If our vision and values continue to anchor us, then we believe solving every problem, seizing every opportunity, and making every decision consistent with our vision and values will guide us toward more growth and success not just this year but for decades to come.
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Company: Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
Website: www.wellsfargo.com
Address: 40 NE Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78216
The famous image of the stagecoach and the reputation of the name saw Wells Fargo well through the mighty events and fantastic growth of the 20th Century. In prosperity, depression and war, even greater post-war prosperity, social changes and ever faster communications technologies, Wells Fargo’s attention to customers’ business has seen it through these great events and brought success.

Sound management
In 1905 Wells Fargo & Co’s Bank, San Francisco (as it was called since 1852), formally separated from Wells Fargo & Co Express. The bank then survived the disaster of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire. Bank president I.W. Hellman telegraphed, “Building Destroyed, Vault Intact, Credit Unaffected.” From that confident note, Wells Fargo began rebuilding its banking business across the West.

In the 1910s and ’20s Wells Fargo served as a commercial bank in San Francisco, supporting the West’s growing business and agriculture, including fledgling auto, aerospace and film industries. The Wells Fargo Stagecoach became a regular actor in Hollywood westerns.

Sound management helped the bank weather the Great Depression, serve the nation during World War II, and positioned the bank to meet new consumer banking needs in the prosperous post-war era.

Innovative solutions
New banking concepts not only changed where people banked, but also how they banked. Drive-up tellers, banking by phone, express lines, credit cards, automated teller machines and online banking are some of the innovative solutions to modern customers’ needs. As in the stagecoach days, Wells Fargo has been a pioneer in bringing banking convenience to its customers.

Through the 20th Century Wells Fargo rebuilt from just one office in San Francisco. From 1905 to 1923 it was a premier downtown San Francisco institution. Expanding in 1923 to two marbled banking halls, Wells Fargo was a “banker’s bank” that served all the west.

In 1960s prosperity, Wells Fargo became a northern California regional bank with branch offices everywhere people lived and played, from the coast to the mountains. In the 1980s Wells Fargo expanded into a state-wide bank and became the seventh largest bank in the nation — and launched its online service.

In the 1990s Wells Fargo returned to its historic territory throughout the Western, Midwestern and Eastern states.

Today in the 21st Century, with extensive and diversified financial services, the Wells Fargo name once again extends “Ocean-to-Ocean,” “Over-the-Seas,” and, of course, On-Line.
-Paid Time Off: The flexibility of Paid Time Off (PTO) lets you set your own priorities. Use PTO for vacation, a parent-teacher conference, a doctor’s appointment, or any number of other events in your busy life.

-Matched 401(k): Plan You can contribute up to 25% of your compensation on a tax-deferred basis. To help you save for retirement, Wells Fargo will match your contributions up to 6%, after 1 year of service.

-Discounts & Savings: We want you to achieve financial success. So we offer special discounts on Wells Fargo financial products and services that are typically offered to our best customers.

-Wellness Benefits: LifeCare.com provides counseling, education, and referral services on a wide range of issues and topics.

-Commuter Benefits: You can choose to pay for mass transit or parking on a pre-tax basis.

-Tuition Reimbursement: We encourage you to continue your professional development. Wells Fargo will reimburse you for eligible tuition expenses up to $5,000 annually.

-Adoption Reimbursement: Wells Fargo provides up to $5,000 for eligible adoption-related expenses through our Adoption Reimbursement Program.

-Scholarships for Dependent Children: Wells Fargo offers several scholarships to children of employees. Your children can apply and receive awards ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.
Office Locations/Subsidiaries:
We have more than 80 businesses serving customers nationwide, including more than 6,600 community banking stores in 39 states.